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No matter what your goals are for your pet, a solid core of basic obedience is an essential for beginning any type of training.  Obedience is as important for the playful family companion as it is for a  highly-trained field retriever.

Our 6 week Basic Obedience Program will get your pet started on the right track with the skills they need to be a good canine citizen, making them welcome almost anywhere.  On lead skills that will be taught include, HEEL, SIT, and HERE.  Your pet will be treated as part of our family during its stay at Saltgrass Retrievers, and through day to day interaction with me they will learn other commands such as NO, OFF, or LEAVE IT  as part of the general day-to-day routine.

The Advanced Obedience Course consists of 2 additional weeks of training on the same commands, but in an off- leash environment, utilizing the safe and effective assistance of an electronic training collar.  Your pet will also be challenged to a greater degree during this extended program by using increased distractions during its instruction to help him focus specifically on what he is being asked to do.