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About Saltgrass Retrievers

About Saltgrass Retrievers

         I've been around dogs my whole life.  Starting with a Brittany Spaniel when I was 8 years old, I learned to do some obedience training.  In high school I saved up a whopping $100 to buy a lab out of the local paper and she became my first hunting dog.  Then in 2000 I was able to afford a really well bred pup, a chocolate named "Drake".  With the help of a nearby pro trainer I was introduced to the AKC hunt test program and the world of serious dog training.  “Drake” and I eventually earned a Senior Hunter title and it led me wanting to go farther.  So, in 2004 I purchased another puppy named "Pudge"- Rocky Creek’s Heavy Hitter, who went on to become my first Master Hunter and qualifying for several Master Nationals and picking up hundreds of birds.

          Since then the passion and fun has continued to build.  So, in 2010 I opened Saltgrass Retrievers in order to help others enjoy a well trained hunting companion. I work with a small number of dogs so each one gets plenty of attention.  Every dog that comes through the kennel is a part of my family and is treated and trained like it was my own.  I look forward to increased success and in helping you see what a well trained retriever can do for you in the field.

Brad Beaulieu