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Our Rates

Our Rates


Retriever Training - $800 per Month

  If your dog participates in hunt tests, the following rate incentives are offered. 

Upon the dog completing its Senior Hunter title, the monthly rate becomes $750

Upon the dog completing its Master Hunter title, the monthly rate becomes $700.  These dog also will then be eligible for priority in boarding and will not be subject to veterinary transport fees. 

****Please do not misconstrue that dogs involved in hunt tests are any more important than other dogs in the kennel.  I feel that this tiered rate system rewards those who stay in our training program for extended periods of time.

Obedience Training - $1,600 ( 2 month long program, includes on and off leash instruction for the SIT, HEEL, & HERE commands)

Hunt Test Handling Fee - $50/Jr. & Sr. Level

                                        $75/Advanced Levels & Field Trials

Personal One On One Training Session - $80 per Hour long session, By Appointment Only