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Our Working Dogs

Our Working Dogs

Saltgrass's Cruisin' for a Bruisin' SH - "Shiner"

Saltgrass's Cruisin' for a Bruisin' SH "Shiner". Shiner is a athletic and enthusiastic retrieving machine. Weighing around 75 pounds, his muscular build and tremendous desire have made him a top pick of hunting companions here at Saltgrass. Always eager to please, Shiner has a never quite attitude in the field and is an affectionate companion around the house.

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Crosscreek's Blackwater Coot MH - "Coot"

Cross Creek's Blackwater Coot MH "Coot". Grandson of NAFC FC AFC Hawkeye's Coast Guard, Coot is proving he also has what it takes. Smart, consistent, and a great personality, makes Coot a top notch dog.

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Tioga's Coastal Cousin MH - "Boo"

Tioga's Coastal Cousin MH "Boo". Boo is 52 pounds of retrieving desire. She's a calm perfect house companion with a huge desire to work and is eager to do whatever you ask of her. Easy to train and with a perfect temperament, Boo is the total package.

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Saltgrass's Chips Ahoy SH - "Cookie"

Saltgrass's Chips Ahoy SH "Cookie". Cookie is a beautiful chocolate girl with a great personality. Easy to have around the house and an energetic partner in the field.

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Nick of Time Lady in Black MH - "Emily"

Nick of Time Lady in Black "Emily". Granddaughter of FC-AFC Nick of Time Lone Ranger, Emily has earned a Derby 4th, and one Derby RJ. She currently has 4 master hunter passes and is expected to easily finish her title very soon. Weighing 52 pounds she is a very affectionate sweetheart around the house and a hard charger in the field. Runs extremely straight lines and is an excellent duck hunter.

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